About Us

Who is Dartican?

Starting out as HR Technology consultants, we developed a number of desktop tools to take on assignments in order to increase our value proposition with clients.  As time went on, the feature set continued to evolve, and business intelligence was incorporated to avoid human error, make setup faster and improve turnaround time.

While on a consulting assignment in 2010, a large, international client had a need for assistance with their annual compensation process.  They needed 400 spreadsheets that could be created, deployed globally and rolled up accurately and quickly.  Leveraging Dartican’s automated excel solution they had one of the most successful processes ever.  Managers liked the straightforward intuitive design.

With such a huge success, our client approached us with the idea of turning our little desktop toolset into a powerful web-based solution.  While they anticipated leveraging it for a year or two, eight years later their tool of choice remains CompAccelerator.

With steady growth, Dartican’s products continue to evolve with client needs.  The satisfaction of being the “hidden gem” that surprises companies with the most flexible, functionally robust tool they have seen on the market is something that still brings a smile to our faces.  With clients in Banking, Communications, Technology, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Advertising & Marketing, Financial Services, Transportation, and other industries across 40+ countries worldwide; CompAccelerator has the proven flexibility to meet our client’s needs and yours.

Our Company Name

We are often asked where the name “Dartican” comes from.  “This is where evolution meets intelligent design”. While originally “tongue in cheek”, the concept of the application intelligence that drives flexibility and evolves the product to mold to clients’ needs gave weight to the comment.
The theme shows up in many layers from application architecture forward. This casual comment proved to be somewhat insightful and became the source of our name, Darwin + Vatican Dar + tican constantly reminds us our products should evolve and grow, but we must always keep an eye on the big picture; our clients’ success.

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Kerri Spann, Rowan Companies

The best part is the support , not only during implementation, but during the entire…

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Sherry Strickland, CCP

Dartican’s dedication and promise to help me succeed is like no other. Their expertise…

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Tricia Burke, Interpublic Group

Extremely flexible, and I couldn’t have been any happier with the level of support…

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