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Streamline Compensation
Management with CompAccelerator

CompAccelerator takes the pain out of the compensation
process with an intuitive interface and unmatched flexibility.

    The Market Leader in Time to Value

    From the time you begin training on a new application, how long will it be before you
    “go live” with your managers actively planning? Will it be 3 months, 6 months, or longer?

    CompAccelerator delivers results in 2-5 weeks!


    CompAccelerator’s simplified and intuitive design drives the fastest Time-to-Value in the industry, providing substantial annual savings and unmatched business agility.


    Your business is dynamic. You require solutions flexible enough to meet evolving needs. CompAccelerator was engineered and built for efficient adaptability to meet the challenges that come your way.


    At Dartican, security is paramount. We offer Data Encryption, Intrusion Detection Systems, Secure Socket Layering, dedicated firewalls and servers, and on-site engineers monitoring our systems 24/7 at our Security Operations Center to ensure your sensitive information is 100% safe.

    Robust, Flexible Compensation

    Having lived the compensation processes from HR’s side of the desk, we know where the real pains are.
    CompAccelerator provides sophisticated functionality within a clear and intuitive interface.

    • Multi-Currency
    • Multiple Budget Pools
    • Spend Control
    • Merit Matrix Guidelines
    • Salary, Bonus & LTI History
    • Design & Configure With Ease
    • Instantly Model Designs
    • Separate notes for Salary / Bonus / LTI
    • Improved Org Visibility
    • Automated & Tracked Emails
    • Export Results in Minutes
    • Salary range min / max enforcement
    • Real-Time Robust Reporting
    • Highly Configurable by HR Professionals

    Clients Love Us

    Value, service, features. We provide the full package! Listen to what our clients have to say, and
    learn how Dartican significantly cuts the time and saves resources.

    Client Testimonials

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