Given the option would you rather have a fully web based solution?

A silly question from anyone else but Dartican! We are the only vendor offering viable platform options that actually give you a choice.

✓ International requirements
✓ Complex calculations
✓ Resource constrains
✓ High volumes
✓ Rapid rollup
✓ Compress Salary, Bonus, LTI processes
Each makes good business cases for our web based CompAccelerator, process controlled CompViaExcel or fast/reliable SpeedSheets.

Dartican’s solutions start with the most widely used compensation planning platform: Spreadsheets. Enhanced by our investment in thousands of hours of code and design to address the most painstaking and error prone issues of a spreadsheet based planning process.

Dartican’s unique offerings in SpeedSheets and the CompViaExcel process elevate spreadsheet planning to an enterprise class solution.

Web provides the utmost in flexibility and control : CompAccelerator™
Every feature from our other offerings is rolled into our flagship product. Dartican’s web based solution has additional powerful capabilities with the added advantage of a centralized planning environment.

Our Roots make all the difference…
Consistently our clients and their managers use the same adjectives:
Intuitive, flexible, agile, powerful, nimble, smart, awesome, full featured, best, excellent, standout, rich, intelligent, efficient…..

We built something we would want to use. That’s because we were the first users. Designed to work with the realities encountered in compensation planning our solutions address the issues encountered by HR professionals. We did not spend our time fighting to “stamp out spreadsheets”, we leveraged what worked and fixed the problems.
That’s why our approach “just feels right”.

Set your roots where there is room to grow…….Dartican solutions!