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Top 10 List of Most Innovative Tech Providers

CompAccelerator propels Dartican to the Top 10 List of Most Innovative Tech Providers


Houston based Dartican has been named one of the “10 most Innovative Tech Providers in 2020” by Industry Tech Insights HR Edition. A pioneer in compensation process management, Dartican’s mission has been to help their clients solve complex problems. With their unique compensation solution software, CompAccelerator, they have given HR professionals the agility they need in an industry that demands it.

CompAccelerator propels Dartican to the Top 10 List of Most Innovative Tech Providers

Known initially as HR Technology Consultants, Dartican was founded by current CEO Michael Gerthe, who assembled a team of veteran Human Resources (HR) and specifically compensation professionals from larger U.S. corporations. Their shared experiences with the shortcomings of major software solutions helped them create a robust new software application in CompAccelerator. Competitor solutions often require programmers’ continuous involvement and lengthy wait times before updates can be made.

Gerthe said that his team’s understanding of the challenges facing today’s compensation specialists made CompAccelerator possible. A leaner, more manageable software platform that was easier to set up was needed. The company is now working on an update called Comp Accelerator 2.0, expected for release in 2022.

Industry Tech Insights advises their peers on the tech industry’s rapid goings-on by shining a light on innovators who drive progress forward. During times of increased industry pressure, it is important to exemplify the qualities of key decision-makers who set the bar for innovation. Industry Tech Insider’s model has provided a mouthpiece for the bold few who know how the industry operates and a guide for those who desire to grow their business. Dartican’s CompAccelerator software has allowed the HR industry to manage compensation challenges with dexterity and greater self-reliance. This innovative thinking earned Dartican their place among the top Industry Tech Providers.

Speaking of Dartican’s prestigious honor from Industry Tech Insider, Gerthe said, “CompAccelerator puts HR professionals in control, and the unique data-driven design allows HR to work in iterations without requiring them to develop detailed plans of every possible scenario before they start. It’s nice for our team to gain recognition for our work and the innovation we brought to the business.”

Dartican has proved themselves among the tech industry by creating a product with the sole function of benefiting the productivity of compensation process management. Every great industry innovation creates unforeseen obstacles, and logistically, most professionals are prepared for this. Dartican and CompAccelerator managed to transcend this long-running trend by putting the needs of the HR professional first.

About Dartican:

For over 10 years, Dartican has built its reputation for agility in compensation process management. CompAccelerator software has been engineered to ensure maximum efficiency with a fluid and robust design that exists to ease the ever-changing nature of compensation planning. For more information, visit

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