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5 Obstacles Compensation Professionals Avoid with CompAccelerator

5 Obstacles Compensation Professionals Avoid with CompAccelerator

CompAcceoerator SolutionsAs a Compensation Professional, you don’t always have time to overcome problems on-the-fly during comp season. Time is valuable. Deadlines are solid. Accuracy is required. Dartican’s CompAccelerator can assist in maintaining control over the entire process of compensation planning and eliminate some of the stress involved in unexpected speed bumps along the way.

Long, Costly Implementation

Some compensation solutions require lengthy training sessions as well as months to fully implement. With CompAccelerator, the set-up and transition is streamlined with Compensation professionals in mind. No more long, drawn-out installation and extensive training to understand how to use the system. Imagine having completed your training, implementation, configuration and loading your data all in under a week! All without having to hire implementation specialist or pulling valuable IT resources from other work. Simplifying the implementation lets you put more of your energies into the details of your compensation process. Rest assured; the Human Resources (Compensation) department will be running more smoothly than ever.


Ensuring Professionals are working under the same rules and using the same calculations is crucial in the accuracy of your process and your success as a Compensation professional. A situation where various departments are reorganizing spreadsheets according to their needs can cause a variety of issues. Discovering misaligned spreadsheet columns after a consolidation rollup is a nightmare. Having a Manager actually change your formulas can undermine your company’s ability to control salaries, maintain pay equity and conform to guidelines such as salary ranges. A solution like CompAccelerator can grant planning professionals some layout personalization capabilities while protecting calculations and guidelines to eliminate the opportunity for inconsistencies. It ensures your ability to manage to the established budget and preserves the integrity of your investment in establishing market aligned salary structures.

Death by Spreadsheets

Errors are a Compensation Professional’s worst nightmare. At some point, as your population grows or you decide to push planning further down in the organization, the number of spreadsheets you are juggling starts to become overwhelming. Combine that with the inevitable cycle of corrections that hits right after your first release of the spreadsheets. Moving an employee from manager A to manager B and getting a new version back to each manager is one of many moving parts. That is the beginning of Death by Spreadsheets. An overwhelming volume of files with version control issues. Stack that with a need to roll them together to pass organization consolidated results up the line. CompAccelerator was created to take away this stressful, error prone, time consuming approach so that you can perform your job at the highest level with total confidence of accuracy.

Lack of Visibility

How are we doing on our spending? Are salaries aligned with performance? Are guidelines being followed? These are questions that you should be able to answer during the process, not after it is over. Visibility allows for a proactive approach. Running an organization where department heads are completely blind only allows you to react and try to correct before the payroll deadline. It is also unproductive for department Managers to spend time running around asking about numbers. With CompAccelerator, departments can view the data at any level for organization-wide spending. This organization-wide rollup visibility enhances the company’s ability to allow overspending by managers where appropriate with a real-time knowledge of the actual impact on the total available budget. The broad visibility is key to spotting inequities and addressing them before the ink dries on award recommendations. With CompAccelerator, the data is available at any point throughout the planning process making it easier to manage compensation equitably and within budget.

Rapidly Changing Business Environment

Things change. Your software needs to be able to change with it. Thankfully, CompAccelerator moves with the ebb and flow of industry, your organization, as well as the sometimes unexpected directives from senior management. There may be new requirements or a last-minute alteration requests by a department head. Budgets could need adjusting. Salary or other data may need to be fixed. Whether it is simply adding or moving employees or something more challenging like adding promotions or lump sums to an already live process. None of these are new problems, however, they shouldn’t be a frustration for Compensation Professionals. CompAccelerator makes these alterations very simple.