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Streamline, Adapt and Grow: Benefits of Using CompAccelerator

Streamline Your Process (and reduce dependency on others!)

Streamline Your ProcessAs a Human Resources compensation professional, you are stretched in various directions and can choose to spend an infinite amount of time on tedious tasks just to make everyday decisions. Often, analysis to determine salaries and rewards is met with hours and hours of research, decision making and checks and balances with other departments. The IT department is one that you frequently need to rely upon to assist you with tools needed to achieve the company’s compensation planning goals. Meetings, implementation, configuration, and testing can be time-consuming, and IT professionals have plenty of other things to do in addition to assisting HR compensation professionals.

Fortunately, Dartican’s CompAccelerator removes the time constraints and coordination efforts driven by this dependency on IT departments to support compensation systems. With our tool, HR professionals can complete a task in just a few minutes where it normally would take weeks to turnaround in other applications. When organizations implement CompAccelerator, HR can have control of configuration and data at their fingertips without hand-holding from the IT department. Without CompAccelerator, the process can be all-consuming with reliance on too many people outside of HR. Once compensation professionals have experienced time saving impact from the freedom and independence this solution provides, they will never want to go through another compensation season without it.

Roll with the Changes

What happens when executives need to redirect or demand changes regarding rewards and compensation? The need for quick modifications while staying within the organization’s budget often can cause extra work, not to mention stress, for compensation professionals. With most systems, so much time and energy goes into the process requirements, configuration and testing that even a small adjustment can make for a big headache. Compound this with the added stress of challenging timelines to complete compensation planning and many HR professionals either “handle it outside the system” or seek process delays to buy time. Spur of the moment changes can be caused by movement within the industry, urgent budget adjustments, governmental regulations or market environment at the time. Compensation professionals need a system whereby adjustments to the process are a simple, quick fix based on the organization’s evolving needs, even if the process is already LIVE!

CompAccelerator is the answer to this challenge and can help in a time of instant management requests or industry demands. It is easy to make significant changes, even in a live process. HR’s agility adds to the company’s competitive advantage creating a huge impact. Whether it is an issue with losing talent to competitors, changes in retention programs or salary increases, this systematic and effective software program reduces the stress of making big changes in the midst of planning. Because errors are not often tolerated well, CompAccelerator takes this out of the equation. The visibility of the compensation process is companywide. You cannot just be quick, you have to be right. The outcome has a direct reflection on the department. Dartican knows this and places HR in the best position for success.

Rich Features a Company Can Grow With

As a company grows in employees and revenue, compensation professionals are often left scrambling to find new systems to support the growth within their company. Salary and bonus structures can become more complicated, new planning guidance can emerge, or a wholesale change in compensation philosophy could be handed down. The functional capabilities of your solutions need to be able to adapt. Corporate goals and organizational directives, including even a merger activity, can bring to light issues needing a solution you did not even anticipate a year ago. This can result in a stressful rush to “reevaluate” HR technology solutions at a time when your plate is loaded with new HR issues.

By implementing a highly flexible solution such as CompAccelerator, HR professionals protect their technology investments and can focus on the HR business issues they need to solve. Whether it is a simple matter of turning on additional functionality you had not previously needed or addressing an unexpected mandate to flag all red-heads getting more than 7.5% increases, you need to be able to count on the flexibility engineered into your chosen system as well as the support of your vendor to help you meet even the wilder requests. CompAccelerator and Dartican are up to the task.