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10 Most Innovative HR Tech Providers in 2020

Industry Tech Insights Recognizes Dartican as one of Top 10 Most Innovative HR Tech Providers for 2020

HR Profile – Dartican Unique Compensation Solution
Article by Industry Tech Insights, December 2020 Edition.

“Much like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the challenges faced by HR clients in the Compensation arena depends on the state the client is at. Clients in an early stage using spreadsheets for compensation planning have a challenge to improve accuracy / reduce errors, get to one version of the truth (often spreadsheet version control issue), and improve their ability to rollup the results for greater visibility of corporate total spend to budget. Those using a compensation tool are at the next level on this “Maslow” like pyramid and face a different set of pains. While they improved over their spreadsheet days, they now find themselves in a more rigid environment. Their troubles are inflexibility and a forced dependency on others. Dartican helps clients ascent past these pains and reach true business agility.”

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