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Dartican Announces Brand Relaunch

DarticanHouston-based compensation management software company challenges industry conventions with new messaging.

Dartican, a leading provider of automated HR management software, announces today the completion of a company rebranding effort that began earlier this year. The company behind CompAccelerator, its flagship compensation management software toolset, has recently completed a project to consolidate messaging, relaunch the Dartican website, debut a new company logo, and further focus its market positioning as a leader within the HR support industry.

According to Michael Gerthe, Manager of Operations at Dartican, “We are extremely excited to introduce our new branding, and to show our present and future customers more about who we are and what we offer. In our industry, some people imagine that all software solutions are the same. Our rebranding effort looked at some of our strengths that differentiate us from the competition. Within our new logo, we show an abstract wing to represent freedom. This is the freedom our clients feel because we have engineered our solutions to reduce HR’s dependency on others. Also, our new tag line ‘We get it’ speaks to our background as compensation professionals who have walked in our clients’ shoes long before we started building solutions. With our rebrand, we are making the case that Dartican is different from the rest.”

The company has taken advantage of the unique business climate in 2020 to complete its rebranding work and position itself for marketing success with the upcoming launch of a significantly upgraded version of CompAccelerator in 2021. As global economies anticipate a return to normal business routines following the COVID-19 pandemic, Dartican has positioned itself to assume a leadership role for customers getting back to business with a new appreciation for the value of business agility.

While companies around the world have rapidly moved to remote workforce optimization, maintaining business continuity has been a primary concern. Dartican shared that concern, but also identified 2020 as the perfect time to burnish the company’s reputation as the provider of the industry’s premier HR compensation management software solution. Now, as companies anticipate returning to a more traditional business model, Dartican expects its updated branding to remind loyal customers and future customers alike that streamlined workforce management relies more than ever on fast, configurable solutions that deliver true business agility.

Over the past six months, Dartican has asked its clients to anticipate the challenge of retaining key employees when competitors are actively shopping to replace talent lost during the COVID-19 public health crisis. Many clients have been able to rethink and realign their rewards in 2020 with the support of Dartican’s solutions that require minimal resources at a time when resources have been constrained. As a proactive measure, Dartican has advocated for leveraging the crisis as an opportunity, encouraging its clients to challenge themselves now to make long term improvements in their compensation management systems and processes to ensure they are nimble when future challenges come.

Taking its own advice, Dartican views the new company branding as an example of how to take full advantage of interruptions in the normal business cycle and turn challenging times into winning opportunities.

“Customers don’t come to us to buy software, they come to solve a problem,” says Gerthe. “We believe that when customers take a look at our new brand and message, they will understand that Dartican is the leading problem-solver in HR Management.”

About Dartican

Originally founded as a HR technology consultancy, Dartican today supplies a suite of configurable software solutions that deliver flexible, functionally robust compensation management tools with web-based convenience. Dartican’s CompAccelerator has driven much of the company’s success, with satisfied customers in the Banking, Communications, Technology, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Advertising & Marketing, Financial Services, Transportation, and other industries across 80+ countries worldwide. For more information, call 888-390-5676 or visit