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Value Proposition

Realize a much higher rate of return with the industry’s fastest Time-To-Value (TTV)


CompAccelerator is a highly configurable compensation solution designed from the HR and business perspective. Having lived the compensation processes from HR’s side of the desk, we know where the real pains are.  CompAccelerator provides sophisticated functionality in a clear and straightforward manner.  Deliver the actions you need, on the layout you want, with the calculations you require.  Do in minutes what would normally take hours or even days.

Key Features

  • International Capabilities
  • Localized Budget Pools
  • Local and Corporate Currencies
  • Hourly, Monthly and Annual Salary Planning
  • Multiple, independent planning cycles
  • Targeted Compensation View
  • Manager Communications
  • Dynamic Documents & Email Attachments
  • Real-Time Reporting

Intuitive Interface Our clean, intuitive interface allows business leaders to rapidly and effectively recommend awards for their staff with minimal training.

Configuration Made Easy Configuration and Design has been simplified to accelerate the concept to creation process. This drives the fastest TTV (Time-to-Value) in the industry, which directly translates into substantial annual savings and unmatched business agility.

Cloud Based Secure, cloud-based solution that provides auditable, real-time data access across the organization and eliminates expensive errors and security risks that plague spreadsheet processes.

Integration Aligns with HRIS/ERP/Performance Management systems, payroll, and market data. This design enables HR departments to have the freedom to blueprint the compensation process based on business requirements, and not be confined by the limitations of other applications.


Based on decades of compensation experience, KnowledgePay automates job pricing and survey participation; makes job and compensation analysis easy; manages competencies and compliance; and more — for every job in your company.

Market Pricing KnowledgePay offers a fast and reliable method for job analysis using market pricing, the prevalent method in most industries today. Authorized users can easily manage their benchmark job matching to their own salary survey library. Important capabilities include:

  • Aging — Control aging (simple or compound) and trending assumptions by job levels
  • Blending — Establish a market composite for a single job from multiple survey matches
  • Weighting — Manage relative weightings to reflect quality of job match, quality of participant profile, or other variable
  • Premiums & Discounts — Adjust individual data values using Premiums and Discounts
  • Market Matching Documentation — In addition to automatic logging of all market match assignments, users are able to document rationales for any of their selected matches

Competitive Pay Analysis KnowledgePay enables an authorized user to quickly analyze the competiveness of pay for any position with respect to external market data, internal job evaluation/structure, and/or job peers.

Job Analysis KnowledgePay compensation software tools enable you to analyze any job or set of jobs from multiple angles. It brings external market compensation data from multiple sources together with your internal job and compensation standards.


If your company is like most, compensation is your largest expense. The fastest way to save money, become more effective and efficient, and boost your bottom line is to make better compensation decisions. Pay the right salaries for the right reasons: Never overpay.  Eliminate the high costs of unwanted turnover.



Companies seek out compensation tools to automate the process and gain efficiencies. Why not select the MOST efficient solution and get the BEST value proposition on the market. From implementation to annual configuration, Dartican has engineered the most efficient and intuitive solution on the market. So much so, most clients are up and running in 1–2 weeks and move to a live process in 3-6 weeks. Now calculate the cost of implementations that take teams of people 4-6 months to go live. You are looking at 6-figures in savings with Dartican! Sound too good to be true? Request a demo and see for yourself.


Up to 70% of your budget goes to your employees. Get the most out of that enormous investment:

  • Increase employee productivity by up to 26%.
  • Boost engagement, alignment and satisfaction.2
  • Earn up to 13% greater total returns to shareholders.3
  • Attract top talent, and eliminate unwanted turnover.

We Radically improve ROI on people by helping our customers manage compensation to lower costs, boost productivity, and increase employee engagement.